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Intro to Mechanical Engineering

What is mechanical engineering? Engineer Sadhan Sathyaseelan joins the show again from The University of Texas to wonder out loud about all the important aspects of this classic engineering field. This is a continuing series of conversations introducing the fundamentals of different engineering disciplines. In this episode on mechanical engineering, we talk about thermodynamics, motion, manufacturing, mechatronics, design methodology, machine elements, and more.

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This podcast is for all the educators, engineers, entrepreneurs, and parents out there who want to instill engineering thinking into young people. Listen as we try to find better ways to teach and inspire kids in invention, problem-solving, persistence, teamwork, and imagination. For more on what the podcast covers, read this article from producer and host Pius Wong: "Teachers and Engineers Need to Talk." If you like the show, please consider supporting Pius and his studio Pios Labs through Patreon.

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