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Season 2: 2017 Season 1: 2016
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  1. Why K12 Engineering? (Pilot)
  2. Educational Standards
  3. Teaching Teachers (When You're Not One)
  4. Teaching High School Engineering Better
  5. Going to Conferences
  6. Robot Philanthropy
  7. Engineering Teachers Replicate Themselves, Part 1
  8. Engineering Teachers Replicate Themselves, Part 2
  9. Empathy
  10. Helping Kids Explore STEM Careers
  11. Why Engineers Turn into Teachers
  12. Building a Startup in Educational Robotics
  13. India vs. USA
  14. Much More Than a Social Network
  15. If You Can't Breathe
  16. Teacher Dreams and Nightmares
  17. Ice Cream Engineering
  18. Own Your Curiosity: High School Reimagined
  19. Better Brainstorming
  20. CAD vs. Engineering
  21. The Nonprofit Push for Girls in Engineering
  22. Autism in the Engineering Classroom

This podcast is for all the educators, engineers, entrepreneurs, and parents out there who want to instill engineering thinking into young people. Listen as we try to find better ways to teach and inspire kids in invention, problem-solving, persistence, teamwork, and imagination. For more on what the podcast covers, read this article from producer and host Pius Wong: "Teachers and Engineers Need to Talk." If you like the show, please consider supporting Pius and his studio Pios Labs through Patreon.

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