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Real-World Learning in 2020, with Casey Lamb and Roger Horton

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Casey Lamb and Roger Horton work with the nonprofit organization Schools That Can. Schools That Can aims to promote real-world learning in education, with particular experience fostering real-world learning for younger students. This takes many forms, including collaborating with industry, teaching design thinking, and embracing the maker movement. Casey and Roger joined the podcast to talk about their National Forum on real-world learning in the digital age, as well as how real-world learning is evolving today.

Roger is the Director of Maker Programs with Schools That Can, as well as the lead practitioner on a National Science Foundation project for the organization. He started his career as a Navy engineer, led youth employment training programs in developing countries, and taught Global History and Engineering Design at EPIC North High School in Queens, a Schools That Can network school.

Casey is Chief Operating Officer for Schools That Can, and she co-authored the Schools That Can Real-World Learning Rubric for educators, helped found the Transforming Learning Collaborative, alongside partners at Da Vinci Schools and Next Generation Learning Challenges.

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