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Improving Underperforming Schools

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Improving Underperforming Schools

Season 2 · Episode 30

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We close out Season 2 with another visit from Rachel, an educator with experience in school improvement strategies. First Pius and Rachel discuss future plans to present sessions at the upcoming South by Southwest EDU conference in 2018, followed by an homage to Austin, Texas. Then the main discussion starts, as Rachel defines what "underperforming" or "failing" schools are and how STEM and engineering programs sometimes could be used to try to turn them around.

Our closing music is called "Wishing" by Soirée, used with permission, and you can find more tracks by Soirée on SoundCloud, user soireebeats.

The cover art for this episode is a photo of part of the view of Austin that Pius and Rachel talk about early in the episode. Pictured is the trailer for Spun, the shop that churns and freezes their ice cream with liquid nitrogen, below lights strung up around Whole Foods. Across the highway pictured is National Instruments.

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