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Much More Than a Social Network

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Much More Than a Social Network

Season 1 · Episode 14

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Today's guests present a smorgasbord of resources available for K12 engineering educators, starting with the website www.LinkEngineering.org, an online toolkit to support PreK-12 engineering education. Guests Dr. Elizabeth Cady and Dr. Linda Kekelis explain what LinkEngineering is. It's hard to sum up the website in one word. Produced by the National Academy of Engineering (NAE), it's part social network, part resource database, part review site, and part Q&A site. A bit like LinkedIn, Yelp, and Quora, morphed together, but for engineering education. And it's still evolving. Listen to this episode to learn more, as well as to hear about role models, philanthropy, gender equity, and toys.

Our opening music comes from "School Zone (radio edit)" by The Honorable Sleaze, our closing music is from "Late for School" by Bleeptor. Both are used under Creative Commons Attribution Licenses: creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0

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